the starbright story


"Flowers, festivals and celebrations... It is what we do."

When the history books write the Starbright story, we will be judged kindly if we always remembered to do our best, give everyone we meet a smile and lead our industry with innovation, creativity, quality and service.
— Our Mission Statement, 14 September 1994.
Starbright was formed in the fall of 1994 with a dynamic combination of passion and dreams. Passion for the artistry in flowers, quality and customer service. It is a dream to one day be the best at everything that we do. In the early years it was a husband/wife team struggling to find their footing and their place in the sun. Eva and Nic remained true to a philosophy that if you give something all you have, try your hardest and set a new standard in quality, then the reward of success is nearby. What began as a twinkle in the eyes has culminated in Starbright becoming the most coveted florist in Manhattan. We are located in the heart of the inspirational and historic Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

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